Privacy Policy

WEF Institute of Technology Inc. (hereafter referred as 'we') recognizes the importance of personal information and will protect it in accordance with the following policies:

Acquisition of Personal Information

We shall obtain personal information in appropriate/fair manner.

Use of personal information

We shall use personal information as necessary to conduct business for the purposes indicated at the time of acquiring personal information. If we intend to share or subcontract the handling of the personal information with a third party, we will strictly examine and properly supervise the third party so that the confidentiality of the information may be maintained.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

We promise the personal information acquired in accordance with the above-mentioned rule will not be applied beyond the purpose of use or offer to a third party without customer's agreement.
This article, however, shall not apply in case of mandatory request for disclosure based on laws in case of:
1) protecting from injury the property or person of a member of the public,
2) improving public hygiene or to promote healthy development of children, and
3) request from public agencies such as judicial and law enforcement bodies.

Management of Personal Information

We will maintain the accuracy of personal information, and manage such information safely. We shall take proper security measures against unauthorized access and computer viruses in order to prevent loss, intentional alteration or leaks of personal information.

Personal Information Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use, and Deletion

We will respond promptly to the request of disclosure, correction, suspension of use, and termination of personal information within a rational sense after the confirmation of the identity.


We will appoint a personal information protection manager, to implement the appropriate management of personal information.

We will provide education to our officers and employees regarding the protection and appropriate management means of personal information, and shall be consistent in its appropriate treatment of personal information at all times.

Review and Improvement on Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We will comply with applicable laws and rules for personal information and, at the time of changes in our services or business environment, review our efforts in the above items for continuous improvement.